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Condesa Gin Ritual Series 2022 (Cocktail Competition)

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our
inaugural Condesa Gin Ritual Series 2022

To participate, you’ll be asked to develop a cocktail using either Condesa Gin Clásica or Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom Gin, with up to five additional ingredients.

We welcome bartenders from all over the world who share a passion for Mexican spirits.


(October 3rd – November 11th)


The first 200 applications (that meet our quality standards) will receive MXN $1,000 for their participation.

If you work at a bar in Mexico, we will also send samples of Condesa Gin to your bar, so you can start serving your creation to your guests.


(First week of December)


If selected, you and your creation will also be shared with our online community on Instagram.

If your cocktail is selected as a Finalist on November 18th, you’ll be invited to Mexico City during the first week of December and be in the running to participate in a prize pool of over MXN $100,000.

The overall winner will be awarded MXN $50,000. 


Please be sure to fill out the form no later than 11 November 2022. 

To participate, you will need a bottle (or two) of Condesa Gin, which you can buy via our website. Where possible, Condesa Gin will also send your bar samples of Condesa Gin so you can bring your creation to your customers.

The Condesa Gin Committee will review applicants and select 12 participants for the best cocktail for the nationals and announce them November 18th.  



We hope you will join us and many other talented bartenders in the Condesa Gin Ritual Series.

We look forward to continuing to build a strong community together.

Únete al ritual.

Instagram post must include:

*Video and photos must include Condesa bottle.

Video: 1080 x 1920 px.

Photos: 1080 x 1080 px or 1080 x 1920.

Portrait orientation, not landscape.

Judging Panel

Our event will be attended by people from the gastronomic, beverage, cultural and design community at a venue to be announced.

Jose Luis Leon

Limantour, Baltra, Xaman

María Forcada

Editor-in-chief of Food and Wine en Español


Gourmet Director for Grupo Expansión


National Brand Ambassador for Condesa Gin, Limantour

ANNY Barrera

Cabos Brand Ambassador for Condesa Gin, Semillon

Carlos Mora

Sur Este Brand Ambassador for Condesa Gin, Arca

Hillman Salome

Condesa Gin's maestra destiladora

Judging Criteria

Judging criteria will not only include taste, aroma, appearance and technical skill, but also how well the cocktail tells the story of the Condesa Ritual, blending ancient curandera tradition and modern sophistication. 



Overall quality of the photo or video submission at the digital stage, and in-person presentation and story-telling skills at the Finals will be an important criteria for the winning entries.



The Condesa Ritual

At Condesa Gin, both via botanicals and story-telling, we take inspiration from curandera traditions to cleanse the body and mind, and expand consciousness. How do you interpret your Condesa Gin ritual?


Named after one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Mexico City, Condesa Gin is a premium Mexican gin, artisanally made by a team led by master distiller Hillhamn Salome in the first micro-distillery in the heart of the city.

Its two expressions, Clásica (with palo santo and Mexican white sage) and Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom, reflect a younger and more cosmopolitan vision of the country, and open up a world of Mexican spirits beyond agave.

We aim to fuse two beautiful concepts – the stunning, cosmopolitan style of modern Mexico, and the traditional rituals of curanderas who, using a vast array of Mexican botanicals, have maintained traditional beliefs for centuries. This fusion of modern style and respect for tradition lies at the heart of Condesa Gin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to and click the submit entry button, fill out a short submission form, upload the necessary photos and optional video and you’re done! Be sure to enter prior to November 11th, 2022.

The competition is open to any bartender currently working at a bar globally, with distributor access to Condesa Gin.

This competition is limited to currently working bartenders.

You will receive a confirmation email from us. If accepted as one of the first 200 submissions, you will also be rewarded with MXN 1,000.

For the Ritual Series 2022, only one of each of our gins is to be added to the cocktail.

Finalists will be announced on our Instagram account and via email on November 18th to you directly on the email address you provided in your submission.

We will make a bank transfer using the details provided in your submission form. If we need additional details, we will contact you via email.

This sample program is available only to bars and restaurants within Mexico. Once verified by the Condesa Gin team, we will send samples of Condesa Gin to the address provided for the bar or restaurant in your submission form.

We will make a bank transfer using the details provided in your submission form. If we need additional details, we will contact you via email.

Check out our website and our Instagram account @condesagin. We will also be holding calls with our brand ambassadors to teach you more about the world of Condesa Gin.

Sure! Feel free to enter as an individual or as a group. We will only be able to compensate one entry with the entry grant, however.

You may use the gin, and up to five additional ingredients.

Yes, you will always be eligible for our digital choice awards, and for your cocktail to be profiled on our Instagram page.

You can submit as many cocktails as you like, however the entry grant is paid only once per participant.

Yes absolutely. We understand you may need to use other brands to help celebrate a great Condesa Gin cocktail. As long as the cocktail contains 30ml or more of Condesa Gin, and it is the primary alcoholic ingredient, it is eligible for submission..

  • Please get your video, photo and recipe submissions in by 11 November 2022.
  • Condesa Gin is available across Mexico, and in most states in the USA including Puerto Rico. 

The competition is open to all currently working bartenders, from Mexico and internationally.

Cocktails will be judged on taste, aroma, technique, the expression of the Condesa Ritual and how they are presented by the bartender in the video or photo. In addition, they will be assessed by how they tell the story of Condesa Gin (curandera botanicals, modern Mexico).

We are delighted to compensate the first 200 entries with MXN $1,000. For this reason we simply want to make sure that there is genuine effort behind the entry. Reach out to us at if you believe this has been assessed in error.

We will use these to send your MXN 1,000 entry grant to you. If you are a prize winner in the finals, we will also use these details to send your winnings.

We’ll cover flights and accommodation for 12 finalists to Mexico City.