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Welcome to Condesa Gin City Guides. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, here’s your source to local eats, dancefloors, parks, shops, galleries and other curiosities in Mexico City and beyond, brought to you by Condesa Gin’s community of creatives and characters.

Each month we add to this collection of curated guides, highlighting someone who inspires us. Come back often and wander with us.

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Explore our growing collection of guides below. We aim to show you some cool things, bring you authentic voices from our community, and highlight the work of some truly talented humans.

Pedro Reyes

Periodista gastronómico.

Pedro Reyes’ Mexico City bursts with flavor and energy. It smells of lime, sizzling meats, and freshly toasted corn tortillas. Pedro Reyes, is a man of many talents. He is Academy Chairperson for The World’s 50 Best Bars for Mexico, a prolific food writer, and author of Guía Domingo: Tacos CDMX, and most recently Tacos Tijuana. While the Mexico City-based author’s life is filled with gastronomy every day, he keeps up his other passions: football and cycling – perfect channels for discovering CDMX from another perspective.

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Sofia Tormenta

Sofia Tormenta

Artist Uncategorized

Sofía Tormenta’s Mexico City is chaotic, noisy, and inspiring. In it, vendors shout in the streets, greenery seemingly spills out of every crack in the gracefully aging architecture, overhead wires tangle an iconic web, and art, food and color beautifully and eternally dance a whirlwind together. It is precisely this ‘dance’ that makes the city so inspiring to our guide, Sofia Tormenta. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argenits, Sofía is a visual artist, audiovisual director, performer, and co-founder, along with her sister Anna, of Tormenta Studio.

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Eco-system architect Photographer

An explorer of the Amazon and a frog conservationist, Mexico City’s Sal Sanchez has built a career on understanding the significance of the physical environment on the development of living things. He is the force behind DARDO MX, a project with the mission to protect amphibian ecosystems – both natural and designed. He shares his own habitat – CDMX – with us. Come along.

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Alejandro Payan

Vintage Curator

Mexico City takes on a unique look through the eyes of a vintage treasure hunter. Alejandro Payan is a graphic designer, photographer, and the creative brain behind the REvolver project, which seeks to rescue and reestablish a dialogue with vintage clothing and objects. He boasts an impeccably curated collection from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and all eras he can find.

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Grecia Erives

Creative Director

Cozumel-born and Mexico City-based Grecia Erives, Creative Director and Head Photographer for Condesa Gin guides us around her favorite CDMX haunts – where she eats, finds peace, finds chaos and where she gets her creative inspiration.

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